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Chill Factor

Releasing The Thrill Of The Chill

Selling upwards of 11 million units in over 50 countries, we’re proud to say our Chill Factor brand is now a global sensation. It’s been a thrilling journey. Here’s a snapshot of the story so far.

Our CEO, Nir Pizmony first came across the idea on a cold New York winter’s day in 2012. Going by the name of ‘Slushy Magic’ the product was a basic hard plastic design featuring 3 cubes filled with a saline solution that you placed in the fridge. Shaking the cup created the slushy effect. Although at that time it wasn’t the fastest thing on the block, it was definitely the coolest. For Nir it had the WOW factor to add a warm smile to a day with a definite chill factor!

He decided to explore the distribution potential further with the wider Funtastic team and key industry players. Every time he shared the idea with his trusted partners, the WOW factor shone through and major retailers were eager to firm up delivery times.

After selling hundreds of thousands of units of ‘Slushy Magic’, we could see the potential of perfecting the product and taking it a whole lot further. The lock on the cap needed work, the cup was hard and the 3 cubed chilling technology was quick but not considered quick enough. Also the high cost to manufacture the product didn’t really have the margins to take it to mass market.

Further development was needed before it would become known as the Chill Factor™ Original Slushy Maker. Speed to market as always was a top priority.

Working with the inventor Alfio Bucceri and our R&D team, we progressively developed a design that did away with the hard-casing to create a squeezable cup. The 3 cube design was also superseded by our proprietary Rapid Freeze Technology. It proved to be a quite amazing way to quickly turn ordinary ingredients into super chilled, extraordinary slushies and snacks. And the best part – no mess and no fuss.

By September 2012, we had a super cool revolutionary design that could freeze, squeeze and make slushies in under a minute.

Sold over 11 million units worldwide

Quite fittingly for a chilled product, the first mass market to take it was Scandinavia. That was in the March of 2013 and it was an instant success.

As sales started rising at a staggering rate around the world, the Chill Factor brand increasingly became recognised throughout the industry as representing the very pinnacle of inventive thinking and ingenious marketing.

Accolades included Chill Factor being awarded the ‘Most Innovative Product Award of 2013’ by Australian national retailer, Big W. This was quickly followed by being awarded the ‘Lifestyle Toy of the Year Award 2013’ in the UK. It was also the No.1 best-selling item on within the first week of its release

Today the extensive Chill Factor range enables families to create and share slushies, sorbets, jellies, ice creams and even cocktails in next to no time. Our commitment to develop and distribute lifestyle-enriching products is not about to end any time soon.

The team behind Chill Factor is always working on new ideas and exciting ways to make super cool products, “even more cool”. The latest addition to the Chill Factor range is a great example of this. It comes in the form of the Chill Factor™ Drink Bottle

Pour in water or any room temperature drink, it will be cold after few seconds and stay cold for up to 2 hours. The new hyper colour function shows how cool the bottle is!

To see the amazing colour changing effect watch the video below.

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