Prospective Partners

Valuing Relationships, Delivering Results

Just looking at Our Brands demonstrates to you the strength of our partnerships.

From joint ventures that develop famous brand lines to global manufacturing distribution and merchandising agreements, our relationships take many forms. Despite their diversity, they are all united by an unwavering commitment to drive brand growth in exciting and surprising ways.

Whatever you are looking to achieve across the multi-category family lifestyle industry, at Funtastic we have the experience and market penetration to deliver long-term results.

This is reflected in our established distribution partnerships with market leading brands such as Razor®, Jo Jo Siwa™, Orbeez® and Fizzers®. Our relationships across the entire supply chain also enable us to manufacture and market our own internationally established brands which include Chill Factor™, Pillow Pets™ and Floaties®.

We’re always looking for new partners with the same passion and drive to succeed, to widen brand horizons and drive business growth.

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