Bringing To Market

Realising Your Idea’s Full Potential

We’ll do whatever it takes to release your idea’s full potential and take it to market. The big advantage for you is the costs and financial risk are taken on by Funtastic. This extends to any liability in connection with returns, defects or injuries caused by the product. In this regard, our product development and extensive manufacturing experience add to peace of mind and also contribute greatly to the high quality of the final product on the market.

As soon as you decide to sell or license your invention’s proprietary rights to Funtastic, we bring the full range of Our Capabilities to bear. These can include further product development, new naming and positioning if required, manufacturing, distributing, launching and ongoing promotion. It all depends at what stage your idea or invention is at in the development stage.

For more details, please go to Our Capabilities and Success Stories.

Crunching The Numbers

Do you sell or license your invention’s rights? If you’ve already invested a lot of your own money in your idea, a juicy lump sum can be tempting. But once you’ve made the sale you waive all future rights.

Licensing keeps the ownership in your hands. You simply license the right to make and sell your invention for a mutually agreed period. This gives you a percentage of all the earnings from the manufacture and sale of your invention.

What you actually receive depends just how successful your product proves to be. There are no firm guarantees of the extent of the royalties you’ll receive. This said, given our global know-how, we’re not about to enter into a licensing agreement that doesn’t have the potential to create both immediate and long-term WOW.

Let The Fun Begin

Now the fun really starts, as we bring into play all Our Capabilities to make it really happen. There’s nothing like seeing thousands of shiny new products inspired by your idea coming off the production line. Come to think about it – there is! Seeing the look of anticipation in people’s eyes when they choose to take your invention home. That’s the real joy of bringing it to the market.

It’s still a challenging journey. Are you ready to share it with Funtastic?